this game was originally made in roughly 6 days for a game jam soo it's gucci on comp but mobile/tablet is a lil buggy (idk if it even works on iphone). bare with me while i figure out the bugs

your goal is to feed the boss until it stops chasing you while watching out for walls of glass and explosives. 

SPOILERS: the bombs, walls and stuns always appear in the same order, only the x position is randomized. and if u can make it to the end of the map you don't have to run anymore

Updated 2 days ago
GenreAction, Shooter
TagsDark Humor, Funny, On-Rails Shooter, Runner


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So happy to beat this game!


AYYY lets goooo!!!!! youre the first i know of to beat it bruh

what happen to rundat bruhweegie

making it webgl/multiplayer

im done asking then, but getting those pictures was a bitch

This really cool but we were not good at it haha

thanks guys enjoyed the reactions from y'all haha

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so funny
Deleted 47 days ago

your recording software is making the game look so laggy xD

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i have message yt for u .. I AM NEW WORLD PATATO ORDER  :p LOLAHAHHA